FY 2015/2016 Low-Income Energy Programs
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LIHEAP Contact
Public Inquiries: 1-866-857-7095; TDD 1-800-451-5886

LIHEAP Administering Agency Contact
County Assistance Office Contact Information

Weatherization Assistance Program
Local Administering Agency Contacts

LIHEAP FY 2016 Funding
$182,170,381 (Initial CR Release)

LIHEAP Income Eligibility Level
150% Federal Poverty Guidelines
Weatherization: 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines

LIHEAP FY 2016 Benefit
Heating: $100 minimum, $1,000 maximum
Crisis: $500 maximum

LIHEAP Households Served in FY 2014
Heating: 397,951
Cooling: 0
Winter/Year-round Crisis: 132,674
Summer Crisis: 0

LIHEAP Program Dates
Heating: November 2- April 1
Crisis: November 2 - April 1
Weatherization: Year-round


Low-income Rate Assistance
Pennsylvania's major gas and electric utilities are required to provide Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs), which generally provide a percentage of bill plan or a percentage of income payment plan, wherein low-income customers' utility payments are based upon their incomes and/or utility bills. Some programs include utility arrearage forgiveness; others provide flat rate discounts or bill credits. Under electric and gas restructuring legislation all electric and gas utilities are required to offer universal service programs, to include CAPs, and to continue pre-restructuring low-income programs.

Low-Income Energy Efficiency
Mandated by a 1987 PUC order, the Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) was renewed in 1992 through 1996, and continued under universal service provisions of electric and gas utility restructuring legislation. The state's 15 major gas and electric utilities participate in LIURP with a pre-restructuring funding level of about 2/10 of one percent of each utility’s total revenues. LIURP includes an education component that addresses energy savings, regular bill payment behavior and provides application assistance.

Allegheny Power
TDD 1-800-955-9445

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania

Duquesne Light

Equitable Gas of Pennsylvania


National Fuel Gas



Penn Power

Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL)
Payment Assistance

Peoples Natural Gas

Philadelphia Gas Works

TW Phillips Gas & Oil Co.

UGI Central Penn Gas (formerly PPL Gas)

UGI Penn Natural Gas

UGI Utilities Inc. - Electric Division

UGI Utilities Inc. - Gas Division

Emergency Charitable Assistance

Please note these charitable funds are last resort emergency funds with limited resources and limited times of operation.

Dollar Energy Hardship Fund
The $1 Energy Fund, Inc. was founded in 1983 in Western Pennsylvania by a coalition of concerned community, religious, and business leaders, and has grown to become the fourth largest fuel fund in the country, both in clients served and dollars granted. The fund partners with utility companies across Pennsylvania. Each company matches every donation dollar for dollar and makes a separate donation towards administrative expenses. Applicants should contact their local community action agency.

Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund
The Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund is one of the largest fuel funds in the country, providing over $2 million annually in energy crisis assistance benefits in recent years. It was created by utility companies, public officials, business leaders, and community organizations in response to increased terminations of gas, electric, and water service coupled with inadequate LIHEAP benefits. Philadelphia's three major utilities (gas, electric and water) provide a dollar-for-dollar match to every dollar raised and contribute to the fund's operating costs. Individuals can access the Utility Grant Program at any one of the UESF Intake Sites, and at the UESF Central Office. At these sites, they can also receive access to a vast array of other energy, energy related, and other services.

National Fuel Gas
Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund
The fund is supported by customer, employee and shareholder donations that are used for cash grants to prevent disconnection of utility service, pay current or past due energy bills or purchase home heating fuel of any kind. Eligible customers include seniors 55 years or older and households with a member that has a handicap or disability that reduces household income. Applications are screened and grants are administered by human service organizations from the 14 Northwestern Pennsylvania counties. Call your local community service agency for assistance and check the website below for more information.

Matching Energy Assistance Fund (MEAF)
MEAF is an energy assistance program that enables PECO Energy to assist low-income, residential customers in its service territory with bill payment. MEAF is a customer pledge program in which PECO matches customer contributions.

Operation Help
Funds may be used to pay any type of home heating bill (electric, natural gas, oil or coal). Funding comes from PPL, its customers, its employees and retirees. A network of 16 community groups and social service agencies across eastern and central Pennsylvania administers the program, interviews applicants and distributes funds.

Pennsylvania Power Company
Reach Hardship Fund
The fund is supported by employee and customer contributions that are matched with corporate funds. Payments are made directly to energy vendors of low-income customers to help with energy bills. The funds are administered by the Salvation Army.

UGI Central Penn Gas (formerly PPL Gas)
Operation SHARE
UGI employee and company donations are distributed to payment-troubled customers to reduce bill arrearage or for emergency fuel and/or heating repair or replacement. Community based organizations throughout UGI’s service territory administer the funds.

UGI Penn Natural Gas
Operation Share
UGI employee and company donations are distributed to payment-troubled customers to reduce bill arrearage or for emergency fuel and/or heating repair or replacement. Community based organizations throughout UGI’s service territory administer the funds.

UGI Utilities, Inc. Electric Division
Operation Share
Through UGI's Operation Share, customers can help troubled families meet their energy needs. For every $2 donated, UGI adds another $1 of funding, up to $4000 per year. The Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO) administers the program and determines eligibility for assistance.

UGI Utilities, Inc. Gas Division
Operation Share
UGI employee and company donations are distributed to payment-troubled customers to reduce bill arrearage or for emergency fuel and/or heating repair or replacement. Community based organizations throughout UGI’s service territory administer the funds.

Adams Electric Cooperative
Project Helping Hand
Customer donations help less fortunate co-op members who are unable to pay their electric bills.

Central Electric Cooperative
Family Fund assists needy families or individuals who have their permanent residence on Central Electric Cooperative lines. Funds are raised through contributions from members and employees. Each fund is administered by different agencies. You must apply to each individual fund listed below:

The Clarion County Red Cross is the administering agency for payment of all funds.

Centre County Fuel Bank
For more information on how to get help paying for your heating oil, call the Centre County Community Help Line at 1-800-494-2500.

Citizen's Electric
$ Energy Fund
Eligible families must apply for all available energy assistance grants before applying to the $1 Energy Fund, and meet the grant program guidelines that include making a sincere effort of payment. Applications for the $1 Energy funds are available at the Citizens' Electric Company office, 1775 Industrial Blvd. in Lewisburg.

Claverack Electric Cooperative
Operation Round-Up
Members donations help low-income and in-need families in Claverack service territory. Contact the fund administrator, your county's Energy Assistance Office for application.
1-800-326-9799 or 570-265-2167

Montgomery County
An emergency fuel fund for eligible seniors and disabled offers one-time payments when all other programs cannot resolve an emergency. The Montgomery County Office of Aging and Adult Services (AAS) will begin taking calls about the program and screening applicants after November 3. Those applying to the program should call the AAS office at 610-278-3601.

New Enterprise REC
Family In Need Fund
Member donations provide assistance to families in need. The Center for Community Action determines eligibility for these funds.
814-766-3221 ext. 224

Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative
Member to Member
Member donations are matched by the Co-op and the funds will be used to help benefit members who are struggling to pay their electric bill. The agencies listed below accept applications and determine who qualifies.

For more information about these services, contact Consumer Services at 800-352-0014.

REA Energy Cooperative
Members Sharing With Members Fund
Member donations provide assistance to cooperative members who may be faced with an unexpected loss of income due to illness, family emergency, or other situation which may limit their ability to pay their electric bills.
724-349-4800 or 800-211-5667

Spring City and Royersford
Project Outreach
A one-time-per-year emergency assistance program for Spring City and Royersford residents will provide up to 150 gallons of oil per household to residents. Project Outreach has no set guidelines.

Wellsboro Electric Company
$ Energy Fund
Provides grants to low income residential customers for electric bills. To qualify for assistance, certain guidelines must be met:

Applications for aid through the $1 Energy Fund will be available at the Wellsboro Electric Office.

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