FY 2015/2016 Low-Income Energy Programs
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LIHEAP Contact
Public Inquiries: 1-808-586-5740

Local LIHEAP Administering Agency
Contact: 1-808-586-5740

Weatherization Assistance Program
Local Administering Agency Contacts

LIHEAP FY 2016 Funding
$4,915,886 (Initial CR Release)

LIHEAP Income Eligibility Level

150% Federal Poverty Level

LIHEAP FY 2016 Benefit
Cooling: $350 minimum, $1,560 maximum
Crisis: $350

LIHEAP Households Served in FY 2014
Heating: 0
Cooling: 8,937
Year-round Crisis: 592

LIHEAP Program Dates
Cooling: May 1 - June 30
Crisis: Year-round


The County of Kauai offers low interest Residential Rehabilitation Loans for qualifying homeowners. For more information contact the Housing Agency at 241-4444.


Low-Income Rate Assistance

Hawaiian Electric Co.
A new decision by the PUC allows the total amount of electricity used by qualifying low-income customers to be billed at the lowest rate tier. Eligible customers must provide a copy of their qualification letter for the federally funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
Oahu Call Center 808-548-7311
MECO Call Center 808-871-9777; from Molokai and Lanai, toll free 1-877-871-8461
Hilo Customer Service 808-969-6999
Kona Customer Service 808-329-3584
Waimea Customer Service 808-885-4605

Low-Income Energy Efficiency

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative
Qualifying Member Appliance Replacement Program
The purpose of this program is to help qualifying low-income seniors (age 60+) reduce their residential electricity use by replacing older, less efficient refrigerators and defective electric water heaters with new, more efficient ones at no cost to the member. Qualified participants must own their homes, own the refrigerator and meet federal poverty guidelines for the program year. The refrigerator to be replaced must be at least 11 years old and be the primary refrigerator. There can be no additional refrigerators in the home. This program is offered in partnership with the County of Kauai. Members must contact the County of Kauai Offices of Community Assistance Agency on Elderly Affairs to determine eligibility.

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