FY 2015/2016 Low-Income Energy Programs
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LIHEAP Contact
Public Inquiries: 1-800-842-1132

LIHEAP Administering Agency Contacts

Weatherization Assistance Program
Local Administering Agency Contacts

LIHEAP FY 2016 Funding
$72,346,318 (Initial CR Release)

LIHEAP Income Eligibility Level
60% SMI

LIHEAP FY 2016 Benefit
Heating: $240 minimum; $585 maximum
Crisis: $550 maximum

LIHEAP Households Served in FY 2014
Heating: 102,681
Cooling: 0
Winter/Year-round Crisis: 35,428
Summer Crisis: 0

LIHEAP Program Dates
Heating: November 10– March 15
Crisis: November 10– March 15
Weatherization: Year-round


Contingency Heating Assistance Program (CHAP)
CHAP is for households with higher incomes, 60 percent of State Median Income, than would qualify for the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program. Call 2-1-1 Infoline for further information or your local community action agency.


Low-Income Rate Assistance

A systems benefits charge (SBC) imposed on customers of the state's two investor-owned utilities — Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating — pays for some low-income programs. SBC-funded arrearage, uncollectibles, and hardship programs for both utilities amounted to about $7.2 million in 2004.

All gas public service companies are required by statute to operate an arrearage forgiveness program for gas heating customers. Arrearages are forgiven if customer makes regular payments. Eligibility criteria include: arrears of $100 or more that are 60+ days overdue, income of less than 200% FPG, and have had at least $25 paid toward bill by LIHEAP (or other assistance program). Electric utilities have voluntary arrearage forgiveness as part of budget programs.

Connecticut Light and Power

Connecticut Natural Gas
Matching Payment Plan
In order to qualify for the program, the customer needs to be of a hardship status, and MUST:
1. Contact CNG to qualify for hardship status.
2. Apply for and receive energy assistance.
3. Pay monthly payment arrangement determined by CNG.
The above is phase 1 of the program that operates between November 1 and May 1. If the applicant successfully completes phase 1, they are eligible to participate in phase 2, May 2 - October 31. In early November, CNG will match your dollars paid. Please be aware that matching payments can only be used to reduce your bill as low as $0.
Info Line at 211

Southern Connecticut Company
Matching Payment Plan
The matching grant program helps low-income customers by matching half of any bill paid by you or on your behalf through an energy assistance plan. Customers must receive energy assistance in order to be eligible.
Info Line at 211
203-334-8866 Bridgeport area
203-786-6222 New Haven area

United Illuminating Co.

Yankee Gas

Low-Income Energy Efficiency

Connecticut Light and Power
Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible
In addition to weatherization services, eligible household may qualify for insulation and energy-efficient appliances. Income eligibility is set at 60% of the state median income. To sign up, please complete the application (PDF) and send by mail to the address below or complete the application online. Call 1-877-947-3873 if you need assistance. Tenants/renters must have their landlord complete the Owner's Permission Statement which is included with the application. Landlords are required to grant permission for tenants in their buildings. Mail completed forms to:
Home Energy Solutions - Income-Eligible
Northeast Utilities System
P.O. Box 270
Hartford, CT 06101-9902

Connecticut Natural Gas
Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible
Based on income-eligibility, this program offer renters or homeowners the opportunity to reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. For more information or to sign up for the program, call the WISE USE line at 1-877-947-3873.

United Illuminating Co.
For customers on a limited income, UI Helps program can provide energy-saving products for your home, free of charge. These include water heater blankets, low-flow shower heads and energy-efficient lights. Customers with electrically heated homes may qualify for additional services.

Yankee Gas
(HES-IE) Income-Eligible - formerly known as WRAP
Based on income eligibility, offers renters or homeowners the opportunity to reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient.

Emergency Charitable Assistance

Please note these charitable funds are last resort emergency funds with limited resources and limited times of operation.

Operation Fuel
Operation Fuel is a private, non-profit program that provides emergency help with energy or utility bills for people who are not eligible for CEAP or SAFA. Connecticut's legislature passed a law requiring all of the state's gas and electric utilities with at least 75,000 customers to facilitate the collection of donations for Operation Fuel. In most instances, eligible families have incomes at 151 to 200% of the federal poverty level.
Contact Operation Fuel's network of 61 fuel

Griswold Senior Center
Emergency Fuel Fund
This program may provide a heating oil delivery when support from other energy assistance programs is not available. Preference is given to seniors and families with children. Everyone who receives a delivery through the senior center's emergency fuel fund must submit an application with the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program administered locally through the Thames Valley Council for Community Action (Norwich-New London area). Call 860-425-6681.

Warm Up Fund
Community donations provide funds for fuel assistance in Westport and Weston.
Weston 203-226-9178
Westport 203-227-1743

The Windsor Fuel Bank
Additional fuel assistance is available through The Windsor Fuel Bank for CL&P and Connecticut Natural Gas customers. Donations are made to the Windsor Community Service Council and can be used to help people who do not qualify for other assistance programs.

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