FY 2015/2016 Low-Income Energy Programs
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LIHEAP Contact
Public Inquiries: 1-800-470-3058, 1-888-804-6330 (Outside Anchorage)

Local LIHEAP Administering Agency Contacts

Weatherization Assistance Program
Local Administering Agency Contacts

LIHEAP FY 2016 Funding (including tribal awards)
$15,714,998 (Initial CR Release)

LIHEAP Income Eligibility Level
150% Federal Poverty Level

LIHEAP FY 2016 Benefit (estimate)
Heating: $260 minimum; $4,550 max

LIHEAP Households Served in FY 2014
Cooling: 0
Winter/Year-round Crisis: 1,185
Summer Crisis: 0

LIHEAP Program Dates
Heating: October 1 - April 30
(September 1 early application for elderly/disabled)
Crisis: November 1 - April 30
Weatherization: April 1 - September 30


Low-Income Rate Assistance

Power Cost Equalization Program (PCE)
PCE program provides economic assistance to customers in rural areas of Alaska where the kilowatt-hour charge for electricity can be three to five times higher than the charge in more urban areas of the state. The program seeks to equalize the power cost per kilowatt-hour statewide.

Low-Income Emergency Assistance

General Relief Assistance (GRA)
GRA provides for the basic needs of Alaskans not eligible for other state assistance programs.  Examples of basic needs include shelter, and utilities. GRA can provide limited assistance for clothing, transportation, food, medical care and burial. Applicants must demonstrate and verify an unmet emergent need in the month of application.  


Low-Income Energy Efficiency
Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA)
An energy audit and energy saving measures are provided at no cost to Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program recipients.
907-452-5323 or 1-800-478-5323

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