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Fuel Funds and Assistance Groups get Creative to Raise Funds

January 22—Fuel funds and other energy assistance providers are getting creative as they seek to raise funds for low-income households in their areas. This week’s featured news article takes a look at some of the efforts of several fuel funds, charities, community action agencies and utility companies in the upcoming months.

Rhode Island's Good Neighbor Energy Fund is currently working with United Way of Rhode Island to gather donations from local residents and businesses for the 30th annual "Warm Thy Neighbor" fundraiser. Yellow donation envelopes are sent to all Rhode Islanders from the months of December to March. This year’s fundraising goal is $500,000. Once the funds are gathered by United Way, they will be distributed to local community action agencies which will then administer the funds to eligible households. The money raised goes to benefit Rhode Islanders who are not income eligible for LIHEAP and who have not already received other energy assistance funds. Read more...


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